Six Easy Ways To Get Involved In Hacking Social Impact 2016

Hacking Social Impact 2016 is officially ON, and we are so excited about YOUR enthusiasm for positive social impact. We can’t wait to get everyone together in Portland on Dec 5-6th!         As an unconference, Hacking Social Impact is a schmorgasbord of learning, involvement, peer-teaching, inspiration, fun, and hands-on skill building. Every […] Read More

Behavioral Economics, Social Change, and O’Reilly Media’s “Designing for Behavior Change”, by Stephen Wendel

Change is hard – yet every entrepreneur, and especially every social entrepreneur, seeks to address global problems, and in doing so, transform the world. And yet even as people, markets, and populations are suffering in various ways, and available products, programs, and services are available to alleviate that suffering, the human inclination does not always […] Read More

Take the Impact Challenge, at Elevating Impact 2016

We love, love, love the PSU Impact Entrepreneurs and their Elevating Impact event. So much so, that we made a scavenger-hunt style way for you to get the most out of attending. Plus, because we’re a Community Partner, you get $10 off using the promo code impactnetwork16, when you register at Sweet! See you […] Read More

High Fives and Huge Thanks – Hacking Social Impact 2015 Recap

So much fun at HSI, thank you! Whether you attended, provided sponsorship, logistical support, promotional outreach to your communities, or great workshop topics, video, and other smart content, your contributions were the heart and soul of last week’s Hacking Social Impact unconference. A deep bow of thanks and recognition once again to our amazing attendees, community partners, venue […] Read More


Northwest Social Venture Fund Hosts 3rd Annual Hacking Social Impact Event PORTLAND, OR (November 23, 2015) –  Get inspired, and learn how to drive social entrepreneurship during Northwest Social Venture Fund’s third annual Hacking Social Impact unconference, slated for December 4th and 5th in downtown Portland. The two-day collaborative and educational event addresses impact investment and social entrepreneurship through […] Read More

Nairobi Kenya: Social Impact Organization Tours

In February, Northwest Social Venture Fund‘s team worked on special projects in Kenya – Carolynn Duncan went on-site to Nairobi and Mombasa for 3-4 weeks, with a priority list of 8 special initiatives, and NWSVF team members Allen Thayer, Neal Collins, and Daphne Emerson provided remote logistical support and analytic work, throughout the field studies. […] Read More

Impact Foundations – in Portland, Erie, Nairobi, and Boulder

Impact Foundations: for Social Ventures & Impact Capital TenX, in association with Northwest Social Venture Fund is helping four communities – Portland, OR; Erie, PA; Nairobi, Kenya, and Boulder, CO – this fall to take strides in starting, scaling, and funding social enterprise across public and private sectors. Impact Foundations, a series of interactive workshops and […] Read More