High Fives and Huge Thanks – Hacking Social Impact 2015 Recap

So much fun at HSI, thank you!

Whether you attended, provided sponsorship, logistical support, promotional outreach to your communities, or great workshop topics, video, and other smart content, your contributions were the heart and soul of last week’s Hacking Social Impact unconferenceA deep bow of thanks and recognition once again to our amazing attendees, community partners, venue hosts, and the biggest thanks ever, to our special volunteer organizing team: Kyle Wang, Kurt Hartwig, Kurt Sussman, Pam Abrahamsson, Lin Carson, Daphne Peters, Heather Hammond, and Stephanie Duncker, and our day-of volunteers, Naoki Yoneyama, Fazil Abdulkadar, Robin Selim, Deb Galiel, Astrid Kurniawan, Nate DiNiro and Olive DiNiro. We appreciate you!

More Photos from Hacking Social Impact 2015

In case you missed HSI this year, here are some ways to DIY your own “unconference” experience, and get caught up on some of the learning awesomeness we experienced:

  • Check out Archimedes Alliance, a cool impact project started by young social entrepreneur Julien Leitner, who gave a talk at HSI about his journey launching AA, how to pivot, and what impact truly means. Consider donating $2 or more to help Julien and others change the world!

Watch Featured Projects From Our 2015 Video Keynote 

At Hacking Social Impact’s annual keynote, we show brief clips from cool projects around the world, and this year, we asked ourselves the following questions while watching:

Am I personally motivated by this? What can I contribute? What have they stated are their needs? Who do I know that can contribute? What kind of financial, time, or in-kind commitment would I make? Is this a giving or an investing opportunity? How can I support this initiative to become financially sustainable and scalable?

Here’s an Extra Bonus Reel of 7 Video Highlights from More Special Initiatives!

Participate in Impact Storytelling, thanks to NPR + the Case Foundation 

At Hacking Social Impact, we participated in the “Listening Party” initiative developed by NPR and the Case Foundation, by listening to this compelling 5 minute story together – Why Your Brain Wants to Help One Child in Need – But Not Millions, from host Steve Inskeep on Goats & Soda.

Following the story, we shared our own personal stories, of large scale impact work we are personally motivated by, as well as a discussion around some of the obstacles to change that we find overwhelming, frustrating, or difficult to work around. We invite you to host your own “listening party” too, whether just on your own, at lunchtime with a colleague, with friends or in some other format.

Attend An Unconference Session – NWSVF’s Session on Social Impact Initiatives & Culture in Kenya


We’ll see you at the next HSI!

So Much Gratitude to Our Community Partners: NedSpace Broadway, Möbius Microfarms, Sizzle Pie, PRA Public Relations & We Work PDX


Not to mention many wonderful individual and community partners who are sharing content, space, and resources to make this happen:

The Hacking Social Impact volunteer team, Portland State University Impact Entrepreneurs, These Numbers Have Faces, CardSmith, Enable 3D Printing Kenya, PRA Public Relations, BakerPedia, Orchid Health, Oregon Incubator, VivaPhi, Mobius Microfarms, A Voice Is Heard, Banza Sanitation, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, NedSpace, Northwest Social Venture Fund, Sudara (International Princess Project), WeWork PDX, Oklahoma Food Bank, Archimedes Alliance, Case Foundation & NPR, & many more.