Six Easy Ways To Get Involved In Hacking Social Impact 2016

Hacking Social Impact 2016 is officially ON, and we are so excited about YOUR enthusiasm for positive social impact. We can’t wait to get everyone together in Portland on Dec 5-6th!

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As an unconference, Hacking Social Impact is a schmorgasbord of learning, involvement, peer-teaching, inspiration, fun, and hands-on skill building. Every year the show is different, because we open it up to be a free-form jambalaya of involvement from community partners, individuals, and teams.

If you haven’t registered yet, get registered! And if you are planning to participate and want some ideas, here’s how to get involved.

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1. VOLUNTEER: We have 10 spots available for HSI volunteers. In addition to our undying gratitude, volunteers get a free ticket to attend, as well. We will need 5 day-of event volunteers, 2 folks to help with marketing / social media & partnership outreach, and 3 people to help organize pre-event logistics. Some spots are filled already but a few are available. Please take a minute to respond to a volunteer interests survey, and we will be in touch.

2. LEND US YOUR EVENT SPACE: We will be gathering on Monday, Dec 5 (5-9pm) and Tuesday, Dec 6 (8am-5pm). We host HSI 2016 at different venues each year and usually host it at one venue Monday night, another venue Tuesday night. HSI is a very, very informal, fun and engaging gathering. We also often open up 1/2 price tickets (student rate – $25) to all members of a venue partner’s community, and can also make a limited # of comp tickets available, too. Plus, who doesn’t want to throw a social impact party full of do-gooder, community-minded, entrepreneurial people at their own space? 🙂 If you have a space – lobby, lounge, conference room, open area – that can seat about 60-75 folks, and 3 small conference rooms or classrooms, let’s talk!

3. SPEAK, TEACH, PRESENT, INSPIRE: Monday night is for inspiration, brainstorming, and large group learning, Tuesday is for small group, peer-led learning sessions, unconference-style. Want to speak, teach, facilitate, etc.? Drop a note to and we’ll connect you.

4. SUBMIT A SHORT VIDEO: For the keynote on Monday night, we love to showcase YOUR WORK. If you have a 1-2 minute video we can show that highlights some great social impact project, business, initiative, story, or creative effort, let us know.

5. SPONSOR, DONATE, CONTRIBUTE: Sponsorships help us keep event ticket fees low and affordable – $50 for general attendees, $25 for students / entrepreneurs. If you have deep pockets at your organization and can join in as a lunch or beverage / snack sponsor, we would love it! Don’t got extra cash but you run a restaurant, beverage, snack, or food company – or know someone who does? In-kind contributions are also welcome.

Or, if you have room in your budget to purchase a 2nd ticket for someone else, we can make them available to folks who may not be able to participate otherwise. Thank you for thinking of us and the impact community!

6. SPREAD THE WORD: Know someone or something cool? Forward this message. Invite them, send them our registration link – Retweet, repost, and help us get a dynamic crew of awesome people to this year’s HSI.

Got an idea that’s not listed? Cool! Let us know – See you on Dec 5-6!